Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

If you have a blocked drain, whether in a commercial or residential property, we know that getting it unblocked is a matter of urgency! That’s why we offer fast response times to any call for assistance with a blocked drain.
Drain blockages and cleaning
One of the most common home maintenance issues we face is a blocked drain, so whether you’re suffering from blocked drains, blocked toilets or blocked sinks, we respond quickly to ensure you return to normality as soon as possible. Our trained drianage engineers carry the latest equipment to diagnose and carry out fixes, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And if you’re worried about your pipes, we can come and inspect them on a regular basis, detecting any problems early and providing simple maintenance that can stop major issues before they happen.
Common causes of blocked drains
A few of the causes of blocked drains are pictured below, but from our years of experience, common causes of blockages include:
Baby wipes blocking a drain
Baby Wipes
Faulty plumbing installation
Poor Installation
Root Ingress
Symptoms of a blocked drain
There are many early signs of a blocked drain, which if identified early enough can prevent any further damage to pipes, drains and general areas, these include…
Our range of blocked drain services include:
Picote Smart Spider

Just one of the tools in out arsenal is the Picote Smart Spider. The Smart Spider is a highly efficient tool for descaling pipes and is very effective when it comes to pipes which are damaged or where there may be holes in the pipe.

Picote Spider Drain Cleaning Tool
Picote Spider

The Smart Spider works by pulverising the scale in the pipe into a fine dust, making it easy to flush with water, without causing any blockages further down the line.

The Smart Spider easily navigates 90° bends and is even safe to use in PVC pipes.

Picote Spider Demonstration

This video shows one of our Picote Smart Spiders in action!

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