Mainline Camera Systems

Mainline Camera Systems

Drain Away Drains understands the importance of knowing what is going on with your pipes in order to protect you from any future issue or complication, we have the latest mainline camera systems and the expertise to spot small issues before they become big problems!

As you would come to expect, Drain Away Drains use only the latest cutting-edge mainline camera systems, which provide colour CCTV allowing for the most accurate assessment of your drainage system.

Drain Away Drains can offer specialised CCTV main line inspection systems for use in pipe diameters from 100mm up to 1500mm. Our main line CCTV systems are suitable for use in drains, sewers and many more applications including confined spaces. Lines of up to 130 metres in length can be surveyed from a single entry point using this equipment.

Drain Away Drains use iPEK systems, one of the leading global players in the field of sophisticated high-quality pipeline inspection systems.


Our Mainline CCTV at a Glance:

iPEK CCTV Demonstration Video:

iPEK Mainline Camera System
iPEK CCTV Systems
Still from the iPEK System
Still from the iPEK System
iPEK Mainline Camera System Control Unit
Still from the iPEK System

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