RioCom 7.5t Jetvac

RioCom 7.5t Jetvac

Combination Unit

NEW for 2024 - RioCom 7.5t Jetvac

Drain Away Drains is proud to show off the latest addition to our fleet.  The RioCom 7.5t Jetvac.
The RioCom Jetvac tanker combines suction and high-pressure jetting pumps to allow the operators to undertake multiple drainage tasks in a single visit. 
The high-pressure pump offers jetting at 2200psi @22gpm, and
when combined with a powerful Jurop PNR82 vacuum pump
delivering 1800gpm, cleans the most polluted pipes, grease traps,
water wells and flooded basements with ease.
This 7.5t tanker is sleek, compact and low weight making it ideal  to access the narrow lanes or city streets of Lincolnshire and surrounding areas usually inaccessible to the larger machines.
Features of the RioCom 7.5t Jetvac
  • 2200psi @22gpm jetting capacity
  • Pipe diameters up to 650mm
  • 1800gpm suction capacity
  • 3,000-litre water tank (2,000 litres waste / 1,000 litres clean)
We can help you with the following:
  • Clearing drain gullies.
  • Emptying Septic Tanks
  • Cleaning /clearing sewage treatment plants
  • Jetting drains
  • Clearing flooded basements.
  • Cleaning grease traps

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