Home Buyers Drain Survey

Home Buyers Drain Survey

It is the biggest purchase you will probably ever make so make sure it does not also end up being your biggest mistake! – Most home buyers will pay for a home buyers drain survey, however overlook what lurks beneath and you can end up spending £1,000’s on drainage repairs mainly due to age, tree roots and subsidence.
Comprehensive Reports:

Lately we have had insurance companies advising new house buyers that they are NOT INSURED due to pitch fibre pipes installed or stating that the surveyor is at fault as this should have been picked up before the contracts exchanged hands and the new house buyer is left to pick up the bill. What a nightmare!

Here at Drain Away Drains, we specialise in home buyers drain surveys and reports where we carry out a full CCTV survey on all the drains and import that information onto Viewline reporting software. The drains are marked and any faults will be captured and listed.

We also, whilst on site, do a visual check on all above ground drains i.e SVPs, soil stacks, waste pipes etc.

We can provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings as well as a full colour video of the survey on USB. This includes the drains being jetted if needed to help identify fine hair line cracks.

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Home Buyers Report Costs:

 Reports On USB:

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Please Note: For any damages found, this can open up negotiations on the house price between the buyer and seller for the works to be rectified and also gives peace of mind that the drains are in good order.

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